Nerd Then. RICH NOW!! ALLERGIC TO NERD: By: Goddey Asemota

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By: Goddey Asemota

The Reverend Jessie Jackson and his Push coalition recently challenged Silicon Valley’s biggest companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and several other companies to divulge there corporate diversity numbers. The data and results they turned over, was of no surprise to any human being with eyes; white and Asian men dominate Silicon Valley. On the surface you can understand, If you look at the demographic of those graduating with computer science/ engineering degrees in American universities you will find them to be white, Asian and Indian men. These high paying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs have accelerated the immigrant Asian and Indian communities to middle and upper middle class status in a short amount of time. So with this being no secret and black people facing some of the most difficult financial times, why are young black people running from the computer science field?

Declassified Agenda sat down with black tech entrepreneur and educator Eric Hamilton to tackle this subject in a mini documentary.

Allergic to Nerd: How blacks running from computer science will be our trillion-dollar mistake! What we uncovered is more complex then just blacks being lazy and slow, but more of a complex cocktail of pattern matching, poor education, and cultural attitude, that’s has Blacks Allergic to Nerd.

December 9, 2014

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