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“Own the land on which you stand.” – Dr. Boyce Watkins, Finance Expert and Black Social Commentator “Own or be owned.” – Andre C. Hatchett, Entrepreneur and Creator of #BlackBusinessChallenge
There’s probably no one can who can relate to the relevance of the above quotes more than Mark Johnson, former owner of the famous Head Hunter Barbershop in the Bed-Stuy community of Brooklyn.

Head Hunter Barbershop had been in the community for nearly 70 years, yet due to gentrification of the neighborhood and an increase in rent, it was forced to shut its doors on Dec. 31, 2014. “It was an extremely, extremely hard decision and I fought with it for more than a year now,” Johnson, who owned the shop for 22 years, told DNA Info. “I tried to negotiate with the landlord down to the wire.” Johnson continued: “I did the best that I could for everyone and I worked very, very hard. It’s part of my soul and I couldn’t have done it without the community of Bedford-Stuyvesant.”

The business, which opened in 1947, was located at 1092 Bedford Ave. and provided much more than hair and facial trimmings — it was a place for the community to gather. “The barbershop just took on a life of its own,” Johnson said. “It was very family-friendly and, as much danger and nonsense was going on outside the door, I never had one major incident. It was kind of like a safe haven.”

Entrepreneur Andre C. Hatchett and I discuss why it’s important for Black America to take ownership of our establishments in the video below:

February 25, 2015

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