It’s that time of year, where we celebrate the accomplishments of those in our community doing great things! The first annual “CulSire Black Power” Nominations is a time to uplift and pay homage to the best and brightest members of our community. Often times we hear and see these lists made up of celebrities, millionaires or Fortune 500 executives. We want to honor the unsung heros that walk among us that may not receive their due notoriety.

The honorees should be dynamic leaders in their businesses, industries and communities. They should strive to inspire, innovate and instigate change in the Black community.

Here are the four categories to submit nominations:

“Like a Boss: 40 Under 40″

These honorees  are 40 outstanding African/African-Americans under the age of 40 that are already making an impact in their perspective fields.  They are the brightest, baddest, boldest in business, education, the arts, community/nonprofits and technology.

Key factors: professional accomplishments, impact and civic engagement.

“Top Black CEOs”

Our list of the most influential, up and coming and innovative Black CEOs around the globe. These game changers have displayed business excellence and made outstanding contributions to their perspective industry.

Key factors: Innovation, leadership, and vision

“Young, Black & Rich”

These young, self-made tycoons created their fortune before their 30th birthday.  They’re smart, innovative and changing the game.  When people told them they couldn’t, they simply told them, “Watch!”

Honorable mentions:  Teenpreneurs on the rise to riches.

Key factors: wealth, business concept

“Community Activist”

These civil servants are always on the front line.  They are unbought, unbound and unafraid to address the most pressing issues in our community.  Their love for their people and their community is undeniable.  They are unapologetically Afrikan and make no apologies for it.

Key factors: community work, impact