Black Kings Doing IT PT. 8: Doni “I Want Blacks To Win” Glover! The Black Press.

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BMORENEWS publisher Donald Morton “Doni” Glover has been publishing Bmorenews since its inception on August 9, 2002. Since then, Bmorenews has covered news throughout the US as well as abroad in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Jordan and Canada. Today, Doni Glover’s Bmorenews gets regular visitors from as many as 190 nations to the tune of about 1.2 million hits per month. Of course, a strong percentage of visitors come from the home turf: the DC-Maryland-Virginia region also known as the DMV. And, has one of the largest black news video libraries in the country – loaded with original content you won’t find anywhere else. Currently, Bmorenews hosts over 2,200 video interviews and news reports. Also, Bmorenews has covered the Obama White House nearly two dozen times.

The economic development of black communities is a pillar of Glover’s work. According to him, “There’s some $45 billion in annual disposable income between Baltimore and DC in the African American community.” He continued, “Add-in Philadelphia, that number increases to some $75 billion. Nationally, that’s a trillion dollars. Hence, no black business worth its salt ought be struggling to stay in business. We clearly have the resources. We need to do a better job connecting the dots. And that’s where steps in. We’re a sort of news outlet that is engaged in providing solutions to the ills of the African Diaspora, beginning with Black America.” On that note, Glover and his team have produced the Black Wall Street SERIES since 2011.

February 21, 2015

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