Black Kings Doing IT PT: 5. Dr. Boyce “The Ship Builder” Watkins. The Creator.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Scholar in Residence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Syracuse University and a trusted and respected voice in the fields of education, social justice, and business.

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He’s the founder of the Your Black World Network, a digital media platform comprised of several different websites covering issue that are relevant to the African-American community. He grew the platform from a no-name network to a global medium that shapes conversations throughout the world about Black America.

He’s intelligent, intriguing, and courageous.



Andre C. Hatchett

Co-Founder of

He is a flat out Great human being!!! He helps people. PEROID. He helps people who are actively working towards  improvement and growth. And when you offer to help him, he says “You’ve already done so”. His soul is one that receives joy from assisting others. Let’s take that in for a second.

He’s a professional ship builder. And brings people along for a sail. And even teaches them how to sail the yacht!

Just don’t be scared to drive.

I’m honored to call him a Great friend, advisor, mentor and remarkable human being.

Dr. Boyce Wakins, a true LEADER!




February 20, 2015

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