Black Kings Doing IT PT: 2. Amos “I’m An Ass Kicker” Winbush III.


Amos Winbush III
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
While other entrepreneurs were waiting out the recession, Amos Winbush III founded CyberSynchs, a New York-based technology company that specializes in universal data synchronization and transfer.

At twenty six years old, Amos stands at the head of his generation’s class of CEOs who view technology as an ecosystem that supports innovation and values disruptors. Through his leadership and careful study of what happened to promising companies of the past, Amos grew the company from a small business operating out of his studio apartment to a disruptive technology valued at $20 mill.

Amos’ vision of a universal data synchronization service came about when Amos’ smart phone crashed resulting in thousands of essential files being lost. When he realized that no solution existed, Amos set out to design and build a universal wireless solution that allows users to back up, manage and retrieve their mobile content.

Seizing the rare opportunity to partner with a major technology company, Amos orchestrated CyberSynchs’ partnership with Sun Microsystems, enabling the company to develop on the JAVAFX platform and access the Sun Cloud. Sun Microsystems distributes CyberSynchs within JavaFX. The Sun Agreement exponentially expanded CyberSynchs’ market penetration.

Today Amos leads his small executive team as they increase the CyberSynchs market share through additional agreements with mobile phone, smart phone and digital camera manufacturers.

A noteworthy “under 30 CEO,” Amos has presented at the JAVAONE conference and a variety of technology and entrepreneurial conferences in New York’s Silicon Alley. He recently was recognized as Black Enterprise’s Innovator of the Year for 2010, as well as in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” for 2010.



February 17, 2015

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