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The Kamali Academy uses an Afrikan-centered, project-based curriculum, which places the development of an Afrikan consciousness at its center. This curriculum has been developed to maximize the effectiveness of the transgenerational transmission of our ancestral traditions, morals, and worldview in a family environment. Kamali not only inspires and trains its students to solve specific issues that plague our community, it also develops leaders who can adapt to whatever problem might be thrust upon our Afrikan nation—no matter what continent, no matter what conditions, no matter what form of warfare, no matter what enemy.

To address these aims, Kamali’s educational program will tread beyond the mere accumulation of knowledge and focus considerable attention on the development of the student’s character and ability to lead in an Afrikan way.

Kamali Academy’s curriculum emphasizes social, cultural, and academic goals that will allow its students to:

1. Demonstrate the discipline and focus needed to achieve personal and community goals.

2. Demonstrate the willingness and ability to work in teams.

3. Demonstrate various leadership roles that will encourage them to lead by an Afrikan example.

4. Engage in critical thinking and analysis that treads beyond the surface in every subject.

5. Exhibit a Pan-Afrikan understanding of the world.

6. Demonstrate a “no excuses” attitude in every social and academic setting.

7. Exhibit servant leadership in the community and school.

8. Acquire skill in the communication of ideas and knowledge;

9. Demonstrate service to others through community service, kwk.

10. Exhibit respect for all elders, teachers, other classmates, and nature.

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February 26, 2015

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