Andre C. Hatchett: For The Brothers. Skip Bands. These Things Will “Make Her Dance”.

Meet Brother Dre!


Andre C. Hatchett: Skip Bands. Assets “Make Her Dance”.

With the release of the popular hip hop song “Bands Will Her Dance” By Juicy J. The song highlights how “cool” it is show off large amounts of money cash in rubber bands.

There is a large segment of the population that actually thinks this is cool and the way to gain attention from the Black Queens. It’s DUMB. Really dumb.

I have had a healthy dating life.
I have NEVER flashed cash to attract a lady.
But here are 10 things that I have been made aware of, that has attracted quality Queens to me.

1. I own two homes. And I have owned them since my early twenties.
Making mortgage payments are sexy. Have tenants and being a landlord is really sexy.

2. I wear suits. Shirts with cufflinks and fly ties.
It shows maturity and that I take my work life seriously.

3. I mentor. This displays a warm soul.

4. I am out spoken and very Pro Black. I take pride in the fact that I’m a a leader that is involved in the advancement of the lives of my Black people. With a very special focus on bring out the BEST in our Black brothers.

5. I’m an assertive gentlemen. I open doors. Buy flowers. Also I make decisions and don’t ask a lady 10 times where you want to go for dinner. I know how to make up mind make a decision in an assertive manor. This really “Makes Her Dance”.

6. I have multiple streams of income. Queens find this intoxicating because it shows that you can build something. Take risks. And FOLLOW THROUGH on ideas and turn them into plans and make them grow. Not women respects a big idea, no action guy. Failing will gain you more respect then not following through on what you said you were going to do.

7. I wear shoes. Yes nice, clean shoes. I also get them shined frequently. That really “Makes Her Dance”.

8. I have two retirement accounts. This shows a level a adulthood. And that I’m on my grow man ISH.

9. Graduations. Trade school. College. Whatever. Queens love a man in a cap and gown. When I walked in graduation this past May. I wore my cap and gown for the whole weekend. (it took me long to do it so I enjoyed the moment). Ladies were very friendly. Very friendly.

10. I state my non negontionables up front. I need a lady who enjoys cooking. Doesn’t have tons of tats. Well spoken. Is emotionally supportive. And a few other things. They respect my straight forwardness.

So, my fellow Black Kings. Brothers. Skip bands. Don’t flash off cash Guys. Invest it. Make it work for YOU. Take pride in your appearance. That will “Make Her Dance” to the beat of respect you!


December 15, 2014

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