About BuyBlackNYC


BuyBlackNYC.com is a Black Business Directory designed to encourage Black consumers within the five boroughs and nearby areas to spend a larger portion of their billions of dollars in annual income with Black-owned small businesses.

According to a study by the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth, money circulates six times in the Hispanic community, nine times in the Asian community, an unlimited number of times in the White community, but only 0-1 times in the Black community!

The Black family has real economic, political and social problems that can NOT be fixed solely with government intervention but will require a comprehensive plan of action rooted in personal responsibility, unity of purpose and love of community.


Black people must accept responsibility for their own economic, political and social salvation.

The good news is that by working together, the Black community can set a new course that will drive economic, political and social outcomes that serve the best interests of the Black community.

To harness the potential urgency of this moment in time, Black people must work together in defense of their community by engaging in “group economics”, by pooling their money to purchase the real estate, and spend a larger share of their disposable income with Black owned small businesses.


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